Leather Coasters

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4 Leather Coaster Set
4 Leather Coaster Sets are available in classic black colour
from $7.37 to $5.44 ea
100 min qty
89mm Bonded Leather Coaster Set
Bonded Leather 89mm Coaster Sets provide an amazing executive leather look
from $11.95 to $11.02 ea
250 min qty
6 Piece Leatherette Coasters
110mm x 110mm x 30mm(d)
6 Piece Leatherette Coasters are housed in matching leatherette casing
from $19.20 to $14.66 ea
50 min qty
Black Leather Coaster Set
Black Leather Coaster Sets are designed with contrasting white stitches
from $22.96 to $20.45 ea
50 min qty
4 Square Coaster Recycled Cowhide Set
105mm x 105mm x 32mm(d)
Make your family dinner or business event more exciting with these customised 4 Square Coaster Recycled Cowhide Sets.
from $43.85 to $37.98 ea
25 min qty
4 Round Coaster Recycled Cowhide Set
4 Round Coaster Recycled Cowhide Sets are a luxurious addition to any table setting or promotional campaign.
from $47.85 to $41.78 ea
25 min qty

One way to ensure your clients/colleagues/customers or employees feel appreciated with your next corporate gift is to invest in some of these leather coasters. You’ll receive both quality and value for your money as we sell some of these leather coasters in sets which make them much easier to present as gifts and for you to stay under budget. With a more executive look, these leather coasters will ensure your corporate gift is well received. Who wouldn’t want to receive a set of branded leather coasters?