Rubber Coasters

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Made in Australia
Full Colour Neoprene Coasters
Full Colour Neoprene Coasters measure 3mm in size
from $1.07 to $0.61 ea
250 min qty
Flexi Coaster
95mm x 95mm
Personalised Flexi Coasters protect table tops at home and desk tops in offices.
from $1.68 to $1.46 ea
250 min qty
90mm Round Rubber Coaster
Branded Rubber Drink Coasters have a hard top surface.
from $3.07 to $0.94 ea
100 min qty
90mm Square Rubber Beer Coaster
90mm x 90mm
Rubber Base Beer Coasters can easily be customised.
from $3.07 to $0.96 ea
100 min qty
100mm Round Rubber Drink Coaster
Customised Round Drink Coasters can be imprinted over the entire face of the coaster.
from $3.34 to $1.23 ea
100 min qty
Large 100mm Square Rubber Coaster
100mm x 100mm
Large Square Drink Coasters are excellent for use in hotels, bars and clubs.
from $3.41 to $1.26 ea
100 min qty

For a popular coaster style with a durable top surface and a useful base, consider these rubber based coasters. These coasters all have a certain amount of rubber on the base to stop the coaster from sliding and ensure no condensation reaches the table top. Why not consider these quality rubber base coasters for your next promotional campaign?